MCQ Questions for Class 7 Civics Chapter 8 Markets Around Us with Answers

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Q1. A hawker sells his goods at:

(A) Cheaper rates
(B) Costly rates
(C) Free of cost

Q2. The road side hawkers sell a large building with many floors having

(A) vegetables
(B) fruits
(C) plastic items
(D) all of these

Q3. Collecting __ item has become status symbol

(A) Free
(B) Cheap
(C) Branded
(D) Natural

Q4. Who among the following sell goods at higher price than other in the chain market

(A) Producer
(B) Retailer
(C) Agent
(D) Wholesaler

Q5. A market that is held on a specific day of a week is:

(A) Daily market
(B) Weekly market
(C) None

Q6. Who gain by exploiting the craftsmen and pay lower prices for their goods and services

(A) Businessmen
(B) Intermediaries
(C) Consumers
(D) Buyers

Q7. Who buys the bales

(A) Retailers
(B) Grocery shop
(C) Spinning mill
(D) Ginning mill

Q8. What are different types of markets?

(A) Weekly
(B) neighbourhood
(C) Mall
(D) All of these

Q9. The shops that are useful as they are near our home and we can go there on any day of the week are:

(A) Neighbourhood shops
(B) Shops on weekly market
(C) None

Q10. Which of the following things will not find in a weekly market

(A) Branded clothes
(B) Groceries
(C) Non-branded clothes
(D) Vegetables

Q11. From where can we buy the medicines?

(A) Weekly market
(B) Dairy
(C) Chemist shop
(D) Groceries

Q12. Erode market is situated in

(A) Kerala
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Odisha
(D) Tamil Nadu

Q13. Who finally sell goods to consumer

(A) Producers
(B) Wholesaler
(C) Retailer
(D) Agents

Q14. A ……………. has a permanent shop.

(A) Hawker
(B) Shop owner
(C) Both (A) and (B)

Q15. Shopkeepers in a weekly market are

(A) small traders
(B) large traders
(C) wholesalers
(D) all of these

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