MCQ Questions for Class 7 Geography Chapter 1 Environment with Answers

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Q1. __ must learn to live and use their environment in a harmonious way

(A) Animals
(B) Plants
(C) Humans
(D) Birds

Q2. What is the solid crust of the earth is called?

(A) Atmosphere
(B) Lithosphere
(C) Crust
(D) All of these

Q3. Which of the following is biotic?

(A) Plants
(B) Land
(C) Water
(D) Soil

Q4. A _ is necessary between the natural and human environment

(A) Perfect balance
(B) Imperfect balance
(C) Perfect imbalance
(D) Imperfect imbalance

Q5. Human beings with the environment and modify it according to their

(A) Need, goods
(B) Interact, goods
(C) Interact, needs
(D) Goods, needs

Q6. Trade in which goods are trade without money

(A) Import trade
(B) Export trade
(C) Barter trade
(D) Commercial trade

Q7. Which one of the following is a basic life support system?

(A) Music system
(B) Environment
(C) Transportation
(C) None of these

Q8. What is a source of mineral wealth?

(A) Atmosphere
(B) Biosphere
(C) Lithosphere

Q9. What do plant and animal kingdom make together?

(A) Biosphere
(B) Hydrosphere
(C) Atmosphere
(D) All the above

Q10. Which one of the following is created by nature?

(A) Cars, scooters and buses
(B) Mountains, rivers and trees
(C) Roads, books, pen and copies
(D) All of these

Q11. Which one of the following is not a threat to environment?

(A) Growing population
(B) Growing plants
(C) Growing industries
(D) All of these

Q12. Which of the following is created by the nature

(A) Books, Copy, Pencil
(B) Mountains, Rivers, Trees
(C) Hospital, Roads, Bridges
(D) Car, Scooter, Trains

Q13. Which of the following is a human made environment?

(A) Hydrosphere
(B) Economic
(C) Industries

Q14. Who interact with the environment and modify it according to their needs?

(A) Human beings
(B) Animals
(C) Rivers
(D) Mountains

Q15. On _ every year World Environment Day is celebrated.

(A) 5 June
(B) 5 July
(C) 25 June
(D) 25 July

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