MCQ Questions for Class 7 Geography Chapter 7 Human Environment: Settlement, Transport and Communication with Answers

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Q1. Which of the following made travel faster?

(A) Ships
(B) Buses
(C) Aeroplanes

Q2. Why do people move from one place to other?

(A) For jobs
(B) For better education
(C) For medical facilities
(D) All of these

Q3. Dwellings made of ice called

(A) Hut
(B) Igloo
(C) Stilt
(D) Penguin

Q4. have largely replaced the

(A) Diesel and Electric engines, Steam engines
(B) Wheel and Electric engines, Steam engines
(C) Steam and Electric engines, Diesel engines
(D) Steam and Diesel engines, Electric engines

Q5. Golden quadrilateral connects:

(A) Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Thiruvananthapuram
(B) Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata
(C) Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Thiruvananthapuram

Q6. _ is the process of conveying messages to others

(A) Communication
(B) Speak
(C) Language
(D) Talk

Q7. Which vehicle does NOT pollute the environment

(A) Cycle
(B) Train
(C) Bus
(D) Car

Q8. Where did early man live?

(A) On trees and in caves
(B) In kuchcha houses
(C) In pucca houses
(D) In huts

Q9. Yaks are found in:

(A) China
(B) Bhutan
(C) Tibet

Q10. The most commonly used means of transport especially for short distances are roads. They can be

(A) Rural and Urban
(B) Temporary and Permanent
(C) Metalled and Unmetalled
(D) Short and Long

Q11. In which environment do people build slanting roofs of their houses?

(A) Heavy rainfall
(B) Bright sun light
(C) Heavy cold
(D) None of these

Q12. Cairo is the name of an

(A) City
(B) Country
(C) Seaport
(D) Bus stop

Q13. Settlements are places where people

(A) Build temples
(B) Cultivate on land
(C) Build their homes
(D) Build their office

Q14. An urban settlement is called:

(A) Compact
(B) Scattered
(C) Unmettled

Q15. The natural conditions for selection of an ideal site are

(A) favourite climate
(B) availability of water
(C) suitable land
(D) all of these

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