MCQ Questions for Class 7 Geography Chapter 8 Human Environment Interactions the Tropical and the Subtropical Region with Answers

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Q1. Coffee, maize and coca are:

(A) Cash crop
(B) Non-cash crops
(C) None

Q2. The forests are in fact so thick that the dense ‘roof is created by

(A) cement
(B) concrete
(C) leaves
(D) stones

Q3. The Ganga-Brahmaputra basin area is dominated by monsoon climate. The monsoon brings rains from

(A) mid-June to mid-July
(B) mid-June to mid-September
(C) mid-July to mid-August
(D) mid-July to mid-October

Q4. Cash crop grown in the area of Ganga-Brahmaputra basin

(A) Sugarcane and tea
(B) Coffee and jute
(C) Coffee and tea
(D) Sugarcane and jute

Q5. Slash and bum is:

(A) A way of rearing fish
(B) A way of cultivating land
(C) A way of rearing animals

Q6. The staple food in the rainforest area is

(A) Menero
(B) Menious
(C) Manico
(D) Manioc

Q7. Considering kind of symbiosis, classification of parasites includes

(A) Endoparasites
(B) Ectoparasites
(C) Digestion parasites
(D) Both a and b

Q8. What are the common needs of all the people?

(A) Food
(B) Toys
(C) Camera
(D) All of these

Q9. Which of the following city is not located along the river Ganga?

(A) Allahabad
(B) Kolkata
(C) Bengaluru

Q10. _ are built on steep slopes to create flat surfaces on which crops are grown

(A) Land
(B) Plains
(C) Terraces
(D) Plateau

Q11. At night the temperature goes down in the Amazon basin but the humidity

(A) remains same
(B) remains low
(C) remains high
(D) none of these

Q12. On Amazon basin

(A) Day and nights are almost equally cool and dry
(B) Day and nights are almost equally hot and humid
(C) Night are longer than day and are more hot and humid
(D) Day are longer than nights and are more cool and humid

Q13. __ is the main occupation of the people living in area of Ganga-Brahmaputra basin where flat land is available to grow crops

(A) Mining
(B) Industry work
(C) Agriculture
(D) Service

Q14. Distinct tribal culture is found in the state:

(A) Arunachal Pradesh
(B) Assam
(C) Manipur

Q15. How is the climate of Amazon basin characterized?

(A) By cold and wet
(B) By hot and wet
(C) By dry or wet
(D) None of these

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