MCQ Questions for Class 7 History Chapter 10 Eighteen-Century Political Formations with Answers

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Q1. Chauth was a tax:

(A) imposed by Maratha
(B) imposed by Mughals
(C) imposed by Peshwa

Q2. Dalkhalsa was set up in 1699 by

(A) Guru Nanak Singh
(B) Guru Tegh Bahadur
(C) Guru Gobind Singh
(D) Guru Har Kishan

Q3. Bahadur Shah was the son of:

(A) Shah Jahan
(B) Akbar
(C) Aurangzeb

Q4. Sawai Jai Singh founded his new capital here:

(A) Malwa
(B) Amber
(C) Jodhpur
(D) Jaipur

Q5. During whose rule Jagat Seth became prosperous in Bengal?

(A) Murshil Quli
(B) Sa’adat Khan
(C) Alivardi Khan
(D) Asaf Jah

Q6. The British East India Company established its power after

(A) 1757
(B) 1761
(C) 1768
(D) 1771

Q7. Aurangzeb had depleted the military and financial resources by fighting a long war in the

(A) East India
(B) North India
(C) Deccan
(D) None of these

Q8. Who was the founder of the Maratha Kingdom?

(A) Maharana Pratap
(B) Shivaji
(C) Raja Ajit Singh

Q9. Aurangzeb died in the year

(A) 1700
(B) 1710
(C) 1725
(D) 1707

Q10. Ahmad Shah Abdali was the ruler of

(A) Afghanistan
(B) Iran
(C) Iraq
(D) None

Q11. Which part of India associated with peasant and zamindari rebellions?

(A) Southern and eastern parts of India.
(B) Northern and southern parts of India.
(C) Northern and western parts of India.

Q12. During whose rule Jagat Seth became prosperous in Bengal?

(A) Murshil Quli
(B) Sa’adat Khan
(C) Alivardi Khan
(D) Asaf Jah

Q13. Who was the powerful governor of Bengal?

(A) Sa’adat Khan
(B) Murshid Quli Khan
(C) Asaf Jah
(D) Alivardi Khan

Q14. Sawai Raja Jai Singh found his new capital in:

(A) Jaipur
(B) Jodhpur
(C) Bikaner

Q15. Who were the Telugu warrior chiefs’?

(A) Nayakas
(B) Jathas
(C) Misl
(D) All

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