MCQ Questions for Class 7 History Chapter 8 Devotional Paths to the Divine with Answers

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Q1. The term ‘langar’ refer to:

(A) Common place of worship
(B) The Gurudwara
(C) The Gums
(D) Common kitchen

Q2. The disciples in Sufi system were called

(A) shishya
(B) nayanars
(C) alvars
(D) murids

Q3. Islam propagated:

(A) Submission to one God
(B) Talwandi
(C) Submission to many God

Q4. According to Islam the day of judgement before the Allah is called

(A) Quran
(B) Haz
(C) Qayamat
(D) Jannat

Q5. House of rest for travellers kept by a religious order is

(A) fable
(B) sama
(C) raqas
(D) hospice

Q6. Which devotional path evolved since the 8th century?

(A) Bhakti
(B) Sufism
(C) None of these
(D) Both of these

Q7. Which was NOT the supreme deity of Hindu worshipped during Bhakti movement?

(A) Shiva
(B) Vishnu
(C) Ganesha
(D) Durga

Q8. Gum Granth Sahib is the holy book of the:

(A) Muslims
(B) Hindus
(C) Sikhs

Q9. Religious biographies are called

(A) autobiography
(B) geography
(C) photography
(D) hagiography

Q10. Ramanuja was born in which state of India?

(A) Kerala
(B) Tamil Nadu
(C) Andhra Pradesh
(D) None of these

Q11. Nanak was bom in:

(A) Ramdaspur
(B) Talwandi
(C) Banaras

Q12. The Sufi master held their assemblies in their

(A) Temple
(B) Courtyards
(C) Khanqahs
(D) None of these

Q13. Sufis were ………. mystics.

(A) Hindu
(B) Boddh
(C) Muslim
(D) Christian

Q14. Mirabai was a devotee of:

(A) Lord Krishna
(B) Vishnu
(C) Shiva

(A) North
(B) South
(C) East
(D) West

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