MCQ Questions for Class 7 Science Chapter 12 Reproduction in Plants with Answers

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Q1. The flowers which contain either pistil or stamens are called:

(A) bisexual flowers
(B) sexual flowers
(C) unisexual flowers
(D) pollination flower

Q2. Seeds of drumstick and maple are carried to long distances by wind because they possess

(A) winged seeds
(B) large and hairy seeds
(C) long and ridged fruits
(D) spiny seeds

Q3. Most common means of pollination is

(A) Honey bee
(B) Air
(C) Human
(D) Water

Q4. Vegetative propagation is a type of

(A) asexual reproduction
(B) sexual reproduction
(C) binary fission
(D) none of these

Q5. The male reproductive part is:

(A) pistil
(B) stamen
(C) ovary
(D) flower

Q6. Plants produced by vegetative propagation take

(A) long time to grow
(B) less time to grow
(C) both (A) and (B)
(D) none of these

Q7. In flowering plants, male gamete is formed inside

(A) Ovary
(B) Anther
(C) Pistil
(D) Ovule

Q8. Vegetative propagation in potato takes place by

(A) leaves
(B) stem
(C) root
(D) seed

Q9. Bisexual flowers are those flowers which have both:

(A) pollen grains and stamens
(B) stamens and pistils
(C) ovary and pollen grains
(D) pistils and ovary

Q10. Part of the plant that take part in sexual reproduction is

(A) seed
(B) fruit
(C) flower
(D) branch

Q11. Lila observed that a pond with clear water was covered up with a green algae within a week. By which method of reproduction did the algae spread so rapidly ?

(A) Budding
(B) Sexual reproduction
(C) Fragmentation
(D) Pollination

Q12. Mature ovule forms

(A) Buds
(B) Endosperm
(C) Fruit
(D) Seed

Q13. The ‘eye’ of the potato plant is what

(A) the root is to any plant
(B) the bud is to a flower
(C) the bud is to Bryophyllum leaf
(D) the anther is to stamen

Q14. Seeds and fruits are formed by:

(A) ovary forms fruits and ovules form seeds
(B) ovary forms seeds and ovules form fruits
(C) pollen grains form seeds and anther forms fruit
(D) pollen grains form fruits and anther forms seed.

Q15. In yeasts reproduction occurs by

(A) fragmentation
(B) binary fission
(C) budding
(D) spore formation

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