MCQ Questions for Class 7 Science Chapter 15 Light with Answers

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Q1. If reflecting surface is convex, then it is a:

(A) concave mirror
(B) erect
(C) virtual
(D) convex mirror

Q2. Which of the following can be used to form a real image?

(A) Concave mirror only
(B) Plane mirror only
(C) Convex mirror only
(D) Both concave and convex mirrors

Q3. Light is

(A) an electromagnetic radiation
(B) a transverse wave
(C) mass less
(D) All of the above

Q4. The coloured band of light obtained by dispersion of light is called

(A) image
(B) spectrum
(C) convergence
(D) scattering

Q5. An image formed by a mirror or lens which is upright is:

(A) virtual
(B) concave
(C) erect
(D) convex

Q6. Which one of the following shows lateral inversion?

(A) Plane mirror
(B) Concave mirror
(C) Convex mirror
(D) Convex lens

Q7. In a concave mirror the reflecting surface is

(A) Plane surface
(B) Bulging out surface
(C) Uneven surface
(D) Bent-in surface

Q8. The path of the light is

(A) always a straight line
(B) a curved line
(C) a zig-zag line
(D) depends on the medium

Q9. Light travels in:

(A) curved line
(B) straight line
(C) linear line
(D) can’t say

Q10. The path of the light is

(A) always a straight line
(B) a curved line
(C) a zig-zag line
(D) depends on the medium

Q11. Boojho and Paheli were given one mirror each by their teacher. Boojho found his image to be erect and of the same size whereas Paheli found her image erect and smaller in size. This means that the mirrors of Boojho and Paheli are, respectively

(A) plane mirror and concave mirror
(B) concave mirror and convex mirror
(C) plane mirror and convex mirror
(D) convex mirror and plane mirror

Q12. Light is a form of

(A) Energy
(B) Power
(C) Heat
(D) Temperature

Q13. A virtual image

(A) can be formed on the screen
(B) cannot be formed on the screen
(C) is formed only by the plane mirror
(D) is formed only by the convex mirror

Q14. The image formed by plane mirror is:

(A) erect
(B) virtual
(C) concave
(D) convex

Q15. Image formed by a plane mirror is

(A) virtual and erect
(B) real and erect
(C) virtual and inverted
(D) real and inverted

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