MCQ Questions for Class 8 Science Chapter 2 Microorganisms: Friend and Foe with Answers

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Q1. The bacterium that turns milk into curd is:

(A) lactobacillus
(B) acetobacter
(C) rhizobium
(D) none of these

Q2. Bacteria present in root nodules of pea

(A) Coli
(B) Plasmodium
(C) Rhizobium
(D) Penicillin

Q3. The rod shaped bacteria are called

(A) Bacillus
(B) Coccus
(C) Vibrio
(D) Spirillum

Q4. The bacteria was first observed by:

(A) Louis Pasteur
(B) Antony Von Leuwen Hook
(C) Robert Hooke
(D) Robert Koch

Q5. Protozoan shaped like a slipper is:

(A) amoeba
(B) paramecium
(C) euglena
(D) entamoeba

Q6. The microorganism which contains chlorophyll

(A) Virus
(B) Fungus
(C) Algae
(D) All

Q7. The status of algae in the aquatic food chain is

(A) consumers
(B) producers
(C) host
(D) small in size

Q8. Virus reproduce:

(A) only outside the cells of the host organisms
(B) only inside the cells of the host organisms
(C) both inside and outside the cells of the host organisms
(D) none of these

Q9. Malaria is spread by:

(A) plasmodium
(B) female anapheles mosquito
(C) male anapheles mosquito
(D) none of these

Q10. The disease caused by protozoa is

(A) tuberculosis
(B) polio
(C) typhoid
(D) malaria

Q11. What helps in the rise of bread or dosa dough?

(A) Heat
(B) Grinding
(C) Growth of yeast cells
(D) Low pressure

Q12. Which of the following lives alone:

(A) amoeba
(B) fungi
(C) bacteria
(D) all of these

Q13. The bread or dosa dough rises because of the action of:

(A) heat
(B) grinding
(C) growth of yeast cells
(D) none of these

Q14. Which cannot fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil?

(A) Rhizobium
(B) Clostridium
(C) Azotobacter
(D) Penicillin

Q15. The disease caused by fungi is

(A) measles
(B) chicken pox
(C) polio
(D) ringworm

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