MCQ Questions for Class 8 Science Chapter 8 Cell Structure and Functions with Answers

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Q1. Yolk is:

(A) small part of cell
(B) yellow part of egg
(C) white part of egg
(D) none of these

Q2. The control centre of all the activities of a cell is

(A) nucleus
(B) nucleoplasm
(C) cytoplasm
(D) organelles

Q3. Cells which lack nuclear membrane are

(A) eukaryotic cells
(B) prokaryotic cells
(C) single cells
(D) multicells

Q4. The outermost layer of animal cell is:

(A) cell wall
(B) cell membrane
(C) nuclear membrane
(D) none of these

Q5. Which of the following is present only in plants:

(A) plasma membrane
(B) cell wall
(C) nucleo membrane
(D) cytoplasm

Q6. The coloured organelles which are found in plants only are

(A) chlorophyll
(B) plastids
(C) vacuoles

Q7. Cells present in living organism differ in

(A) numbers
(B) shape
(C) size
(D) all of these

Q8. The white part of egg is called:

(A) yolk
(B) albumen
(C) cytoplasm
(D) none of these

Q9. The organelle present oiily in plants is:

(A) mitochondria
(B) chromosomes
(C) nucleus
(D) plastids

Q10. Genes are located in

(A) chrpmosomes
(B) plastids
(C) cytoplasm
(D) lysosome

Q11. Tissues combine to form

(A) nucleus
(B) cells
(C) organism
(D) organs

Q12. The shape of amoeba is:

(A) round
(B) regular
(C) irregular
(D) none of these

Q13. Which of the following is not a major component of protoplasm:

(A) hydorgen
(B) nitrogen
(C) Sulphur
(D) oxygen

Q14. A group of similar cells combine to form

(A) tissue
(B) organ
(C) organisms
(D) organelles

Q15. The organism containing only a single cell is called

(A) unicellular organism
(B) multicellular organism
(C) organelle
(D) all of these

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