Mijbil the Otter MCQ Questions for Class 10 English Prose Chapter 8 with Answers

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MCQ Questions for Class 10 English with Answers First Flight Prose


Q1. What guesses did the Londoners make about what Mij was?

(A) baby seal
(B) squirrel
(C) a hippo
(D) All of the above

Q2. What were Mijbil’s favourite toys?

(A) Stones
(B) Marbles
(C) Soft toys
(D) Newspaper

Q3. What is the meaning of “an appalling spectacle”?

(A) a safe space
(B) a funny scene
(C) a mysterious situation
(D) a shocking scene

Q4. Mljbil would spend hours shuffling:

(A) some grains
(B) some marbles
(C) a rubber ball
(D) some twigs

Q5. The author thought that he should keep:

(A) a tiger a Sapet
(B) a cow a Sapet
(C) an otter as a pet
(D) an ox as a pet

Q6. What was the name given to the otter?

(A) Major
(B) Mijbil
(C) Mad
(D) Majhis

Q7. Why did the driver drive through the streets of Basra like a ricochetting bullet?

(A) author was late for his flight
(B) Mijbil had hurt himself
(C) someone was after the driver
(D) All of the above

Q8. What is wasted and provoking when left static? (according to the otter)

(A) sand
(B) tea
(C) juice
(D) water

Q9. What do you mean by “compulsive habits”?

(A) destructive habits
(B) good habits
(C) addictive habits
(D) habits impossible to control

Q10. How was Mij to be transported to England?

(A) By packing in a box
(B) On a seat
(C) Through Ship
(D) None of the Above

Q11. Why does Maxwell go to Basra?

(A) broke the toy car
(B) threw the marbles
(C) torn the lining of box
(D) None of the Above

Q12. He would roll two or more of the marbles:

(A) between his legs
(B) between his paws
(C) between the lines
(D) between the fans

Q13. In the bathroom Mijbil went wild with joy for:

(A) twenty minutes
(B) half an hour
(C) an hour
(D) one and half hour

Q14. What did the woman in the aeroplane think that the otter was?

(A) a dog
(B) an otter
(C) a rat
(D) a seal

Q15. What ‘experiment’ did Maxwell think Camusfearna would be suitable for?

(A) to pet a dog
(B) to pet an otter
(C) both of them
(D) none of the Above

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MCQ Questions for Class 10 English with Answers First Flight Prose

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