Nutrition in Animals MCQ Questions for Class 7 Science Chapter 2 with Answers

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Q1. Which gland secretes bile juice?

(A) Liver
(B) Pancreas
(C) Bladder
(D) All of these

Q2. The acid secreted in the stomach is:

(A) Hydrochloric acid
(B) Sulphuric acid
(C) Phosphoric acid
(D) Nitric acid

Q3. The digestive tract and the associated glands together constitute the

(A) digestive system
(B) oesophagus
(C) alimentary canal
(D) nutrition system

Q4. Saliva is released from

(A) Pinus gland
(B) Thyroid gland
(C) Adrenal gland
(D) Salivary gland

Q5. The enzymes predsent in the saliva convert:

(A) fats into fatty acids and glycerol
(B) starch into simple sugars
(C) proteins into amino acids
(D) complex sugars into simple sugars

Q6. The false feet of Amoeba are used for:

(A) movement only
(B) capture of food only
(C) capture of food and movement
(D) exchange of gases only

Q7. The semi-solid mass which is produced after thoroughly mix up of food and gastric juice is called

(A) bolus
(B) chyme
(C) bile
(D) villus

Q8. Which of the following is not a part of digestive system ?

(A) Mouth cavity
(B) Stomach
(C) Food pipe
(D) Wind pipe

Q9. The part of digestive system where no digestion takes place is:

(A) Mouth
(B) Stomach
(C) Oesophagus
(D) Small intestine

Q10. The breakdown of complex components of food into simpler substances is called

(A) ingestion
(B) egestion
(C) assimilation
(D) digestion

Q11. The part of digestive system where no digestion takes place is:

(A) Mouth
(B) Stomach
(C) Oesophagus
(D) Small intestine

Q12. Bile is produced by:

(A) Small intestine
(B) Gallbladder
(C) Liver
(D) Pancreas

Q13. The process of taking food in the body is known as

(A) egestion
(B) ingestion
(C) digestion
(D) assimilation

Q14. The process of breakdown of food particles into small pieces is called _.

(A) Mastication
(B) Digestion
(C) Peristalsis
(D) Diffusion

Q15. Which of the following animals swallow its prey?

(A) Human beings
(B) Snakes
(C) Humming birds
(D) Ant

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