Princess September MCQ Questions Class 8 English Chapter 5 with Answers

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Q1. The King of Siam had a peculiar habit” What habit are they talking about?

(A) Giving gifts on his birthday instead of receiving them
(B) Receiving gifts on his birthday instead of giving them
(C) Receiving gifts on others’ birthdays instead of giving it to them
(D) Giving gifts to others’ on their birthdays instead of receiving it from them

Q2. In how many languages did the princess teach the birds?

(A) Five
(B) Seven
(C) Six
(B) Nine

Q3. Did Princes September accept the offer made by other eight princes?

(A) Yes
(B) No
(C) Maybe
(D) Always

Q4. Name the youngest daughter.

(A) November
(B) April
(C) September
(D) July

Q5. Why was the bird late one day to visit the princes?

(A) A hunter was about to kill it
(B) His father was not well
(C) His father-in-law organised a party
(D) He wished to get her wait

Q6. When the little bird had finished his song, the Princess

(A) forgot her hunger
(B) kissed the bird
(C) shut the window
(D) let the bird fly away

Q7. What did the parrots remind the King of?

(A) Parrots
(B) Nature
(C) His daughters
(D) His councillors

Q8. What did the princess do when the bird was about to die?

(A) She let it die
(B) She did not care for the bird
(C) She made the bird free
(D) She gave it medicine

Q9. What did the other eight Princes want to offer Princes September?

(A) Ornaments
(B) Beautiful dress
(C) Red Parrot
(D) Green and Yellow Parrot

Q10. What did Princes September find her parrot doing one day?

(A) Singing song
(B) Reciting poem
(C) Crying
(D) Lying dead

Q11. What did the bird say to the princess?

(A) That it would come daily
(B) That it would not sing for her
(C) That it would not come again
(D) It said nothing

Q12. All the sisters of Princess September offered to buy her a parrot because

(A) they were jealous of the bird
(B) they really wanted her to have a pet bird
(C) the King had asked them to do so
(D) the Queen had asked them to do so

Q13. Where had the little bird gone?

(A) To visit his father
(B) To visit his mother
(C) To visit his father-in-law
(D) To visit his mother-in-law

Q14. Who advised Princess September to put the bird in a cage?

(A) Her mother
(B) Her sister
(C) Her maid
(D) Her father

Q15. The bird _ for princes September

(A) Dance
(B) Sing
(C) Recite poem
(D) None of these

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