Quality MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Chapter 5 with Answers

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Q1. Why was the author disturbed?

(A) he was worried about his boots
(B) he was getting late
(C) he was worried about Mr. Gessler’s well being
(D) he didn’t like the young man

Q2. What did Gessler do?

(A) Pressed a finger on the left boot.
(B) Asked the writer to take out his boot
(C) Went to the shop
(D) None of these

Q3. Mr. Gessler died because of –

(A) An accident
(B) Slow starvation
(C) Cholera
(D) All Of Above

Q4. His shop was in a fashionable part of –

(A) London
(B) England
(C) Greece
(D) All Of Above

Q5. He never advertised’. For whom have these lines been said?

(A) Gessler’s older brother
(B) Gessler
(C) Shoemaker
(D) Writer

Q6. Mr. Gessler died of:

(A) cholera
(B) slow starvation
(C) rabies
(D) a shock

Q7. The author was turned out to be

(A) a kind person
(B) careless about other’s emotions
(C) avoiding going to the shop
(D) a busy man

Q8. With whom did Gessler live?

(A) With his elder brother
(B) With the writer Alone
(C) With his sister
(D) Alone

Q9. After going from abroad, when the speaker come back to London after –

(A) 10 years
(B) 20 years
(C) 15 years
(D) All Of Above

Q10. The shoes that Gessler made, seems to speaker-

(A) Mysterious and wonderful
(B) Very worthless
(C) Awful
(D) All Of Above

Q11. What had happened to Mr. Gessler?

(A) He had shifted to a new shop
(B) He died of starvation
(C) He had taken a leave
(D) He did not want to attend the writer

Q12. The main distinction of the shop of Mr. Gessler was:

(A) its modem look
(B) its quietness
(C) the red colour
(D) its neatness

Q13. What did the author placed the order for?

(A) gloves
(B) boots
(C) socks
(D) none of these

Q14. What did the author do?

(A) Went to the shop
(B) Went to a hotel
(C) Wrote a cheque
(D) Put the shoes in the rack

Q15. The speaker suddenly noticed in his red beard –

(A) Two white hairs
(B) Some gray hairs
(C) A lot of gray hairs
(D) All Of Above

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