Tansen Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 5

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Q1. Who was Swami Haridas?

(A) A famous singer
(B) A famous painter
(C) A famous actor

Q2. Raga Deepak If sung perfectly

(A) bums the singer
(B) destroys the forest
(C) heals the singer
(D) makes the air hot

Q3. Who sang Raga Megh to save Tansen’s life?

(A) Saraswati and Rupvati
(B) Saraswati and Husssaini
(C) Hussaini and Rupvati
(D) none of these

Q4. What did Tansen learnt to imitate perfectly?

(A) The cells of birds and animals
(B) The cells of to only birds
(C) The cells of monkey

Q5. Swami Haridas

(A) was Tansens Guru
(B) had a hundred disciples
(C) was only Tansen’s Guru
(D) refused to txaln Hussalni

Q6. Tansen learnt

(A) the voices of birds and
(B) the tricks of birds and animals animals
(C) to imitate perfectly the calls
(D) to respect perfectly the calls of birds of birds and animals and animals

Q7. Who was the greatest musician of our country?

(A) Akbar
(B) Birbal
(C) Tansen

Q8. What was the name of Tansen’s wife?

(A) Zaheera
(B) Zubeda
(C) Hussaini
(D) Rupvati

Q9. Swami Haridas told Tansen’s father

(A) to punish him
(B) that his son was only naughty
(C) that he was a gifted
(D) that he could make him a good singer musician

Q10. Where did Mukandan Misra and his wife live?

(A) Ranchi near Patna
(B) Rehat near Bhopal
(C) Behat near Gwalior

Q11. What was the name of Tansen’s daughter?

(A) Hussaini
(B) Saraswati
(C) Rupvati
(D) Ragini

Q12. Tansen was a –

(A) Simple boy
(B) Naughty child
(C) Cruel boy

Q13. Tansen married.

(A) Rani Mrignainl
(B) Princess Mrlgnainl
(C) Court lady Mrlgnalnl
(D) Court lady Hussalni

Q14. Who insisted Tansen to sing Raga Deepak before Akbar?

(A) Azam Khan
(B) Shokat Ali
(C) Liyakat Ali
(D) Shaukat Mian

Q15. What was the name of Tansen’s father?

(A) Mukandar Mishra
(B) Mukandar Sharma
(C) Swami Haridas

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