Taro’s Reward Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 3

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Q1. When the old man drank ‘sake’:

(A) his shivering stopped
(B) he started shouting
(C) he became unconscious
(D) he recovered

Q2. Why Taro stopped cutting wood ?

(A) He heard the sound of rushing water
(B) He fell from the tree
(C) He saw a golden axe
(D) He got sick

Q3. What did Taro see?

(A) A waterfall
(B) A river
(C) A tree
(D) A rock

Q4. The waterfall was magical because:

(A) it was beautiful
(B) it gave the delicious ‘sake’
(C) of the golden water
(D) of its speed

Q5. Why was Taro wanting to cut more woods?

(A) To fulfill his father’s wish
(B) To earn more money
(C) To buy an axe
(D) None

Q6. What was Taro’s profession

(A) Wood picker
(B) Wood cutter
(C) Shepherd
(D) Blacksmith

Q7. Taro was a woodcutter:

(A) small
(B) young
(C) tiny
(D) old

Q8. What happened one evening?

(A) There was a heavy rainfall
(B) An angel came there
(C) A strong wind blew
(D) He felt sick

Q9. With whom Taro lived?

(A) Father
(B) Mother
(C) Both
(D) None

Q10. He was sad because he wanted:

(A) to go to America
(B) to make life better for his parents
(C) to study in Oxford University
(D) to earn more

Q11. Name the lesson.

(A) A Game of Chance
(B) Taro’s Reward
(C) Fair Play
(D) Who Did Patrick’s Homework

Q12. ‘All of a sudden’ he:

(A) heard a sound
(B) stopped to chop the wood .
(C) fell down
(D) got scared

Q13. Why Taro went to the wood early in the morning?

(A) To cut more woods
(B) To buy sake
(C) to prevent sun stroke
(D) None

Q14. Give the meaning of ‘expensive’.

(A) cheap
(B) costly
(C) fine
(D) raw

Q15. Though he was thirsty.

(A) he climbed the stairs
(B) he continued his journey
(C) he went on chopping the wood
(D) he kept on cutting

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