The Ant and the Cricket MCQ Questions Class 8 English Poems Chapter 1 with Answers

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Q1. The word ‘fable’ here means

(A) able
(B) poem
(C) epilogue
(D) story with a moral.

Q2. What did the ant say to the cricket?

(A) They never borrow
(B) They never lend
(C) They neither borrow nor lend
(D) None of these

Q3. The word ‘Quoth’ means

(A) wept
(B) laughed
(C) said
(D) asked.

Q4. During which time, the crickets cupboard were empty?

(A) Summer
(B) Monsoon
(C) Spring
(D) Winter

Q5. What did the ant recommend the cricket at the end?

(A) To work hard
(B) Travel everywhere
(C) Sing and dance
(D) None of them

Q6. What did the ant advise him to do all winter?

(A) Sing
(B) Dance
(C) Sleep
(D) Rest

Q7. Which word in the passage means ‘suffering from hunger’.

(A) dripping
(B) trembling
(C) sorrow
(D) starvation

Q8. Why was the young cricket called silly?

(A) He was lazy
(B) He was always sleepy
(C) He did not think for winters
(D) None of these

Q9. Why was he ‘dripping with wet’ ?

(A) It was raining hard.
(B) He had dived in a pond.
(C) He had no shelter.
(D) He had taken a bath.

Q10. Did he wish to repay the ant?

(A) Yes
(B) No
(C) Maybe
(D) Not mentioned in the poem

Q11. What is the strategy of ants?

(A) Fight with other insects
(B) Be friendly with others
(C) They never borrow and never lend
(D) None

Q12. Oh! What will become of me?” Who said this?

(A) Ant
(B) Cricket
(C) Poet
(D) Tree

Q13. The two qualities Of the Cricket described here are

(A) foolish and a singer
(B) wise and a singer
(C) foolish and a writer
(D) intelligent and a speaker.

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