The Ashes that Made Trees Bloom MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Chapter 4 with Answers

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Q1. Willy was not happy with

(A) Wonka-Vite
(B) Willy-Vite
(C) Wonka-Vita
(D) Vita-Vite

Q2. What did they do?

(A) Took the dog to the garden
(B) Went to the neighbours’ house
(C) Took a spade to dig
(D) Lit the fire

Q3. When the furious old man killed the dog, the woman-

(A) Felt so guilty and began to cry
(B) Chopping off his head with the sharp hoe
(C) Remain shocked
(D) None of those

Q4. The kind couple fed the dog with –

(A) Tidbits of fish
(B) Wastes of food
(C) Fresh rice- water.
(D) None of those

Q5. What was the wicked old couple doing?

(A) Taking their meal
(B) Warming their hands from the fire
(C) Sleeping
(D) Waiting for someone

Q6. Mr Wonka collects Items from the oldest things to make:

(A) a mixture
(B) a solution
(C) a drug
(D) an experiment

Q7. What lives longer than anything else?

(A) cattaloo
(B) crumpets
(C) petrovitch gregorovitch
(D) trees

Q8. Which crop the old man used to sow in his fields?

(A) Rice
(B) Wheat
(C) Maize
(D) Barley

Q9. The wicked couple try to coaxed the dog because-

(A) They want to harass the kind couple
(B) They hope the dog would find treasure for them
(C) They want to kill the dog
(D) None of those

Q10. The old man daily went into the fields with a –

(A) Hoe or spade
(B) Water bag
(C) Axe
(D) None of those

Q11. What were the effects of ashes?

(A) the tree blossomed
(B) the daimyo and his wife started sneezing
(C) the way turned smoky
(D) None of the above

Q12. The life-expectancy of man is:

(A) 50-70 years
(B) 70-100 years
(C) 60-90 years
(D) 70-90 years

Q13. What is the new recipe he is searching for?

(A) Recipe for Wonka-Vita
(B) Recipe for Vita-Wonk
(C) Recipe for Chocolates
(D) none of these

Q14. Who used to follow him?

(A) His dog
(B) A cow
(C) A pet cat
(D) His pet parrots

Q15. The white heron followed the old man to –

(A) Harm him
(B) Pick up the worms
(C) Harm the little dog
(D) None of those

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