The Best Christmas Present in the World MCQ Questions Class 8 English Chapter 1 with Answers

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Q1. Who was fritz?

(A) Name of the author
(B) The British soldier
(C) German soldier
(D) None of the above

Q2. Who wrote the letter to whom?

(A) Jim to Connie
(B) Connie to Hans
(C) Connie to Morris
(D) Jim to Hans

Q3. We were all standing to in our trenches yesterday morning’, what was the morning about?

(A) New year morning
(B) Birthday morning
(C) Christmas morning
(D) None of them

Q4. Schnapps is

(A) a kind of meat
(B) a German wine
(C) a sauce
(D) a British dish

Q5. The narrator bought the desk from a junk shop because

(A) such a desk was not available anywhere else
(B) the author wanted an ancient roll-top desk
(C) its roll-top was in several pieces
(D) the narrator could not afford a new roll-top desk

Q6. When was the war between the British and the Germans took place?

(A) 1920
(B) 1915
(C) 1914
(D) 1907

Q7. It was written in pencil and dated at the top

(A) Jan 25, 1915
(B) Dec 25, 1915
(C) Dec 25, 1914
(D) Dec 26, 1914

Q8. What happened in no man’s land?

(A) Both the armies fought there
(B) Both armies wished Happy New Year to each other
(C) Both armies wished Christmas to each other
(D) None of these

Q9. By which Christmas did Jim promise to be back home?

(A) 1913
(B) 1914
(C) 1915
(D) 1916

Q10. What was the speaker’s reaction when he realizes

(A) He was ashamed.
(B) He gets very angry
(C) He was embarrassed
(D) He began to cry

Q11. What did the author take out from the drawer?

(A) A tin box
(B) A small tin box
(C) A box
(D) A small black tin box

Q12. When did the author begin to work on the desk?

(A) Christmas eve
(B) New year eve
(C) One winter evening
(D) None of these

Q13. Who wrote the letter?

(A) Connie
(B) Jim
(C) Tommy
(D) Fritz

Q14. What was the German doing?

(A) Mending his rifle
(B) Doing nothing
(C) Waving a bottle
(D) Waving a bottle above his head

Q15. What is the “best Christmas present in the world”?

(A) Jim’s letter
(B) Jim’s return
(C) Jim’s present
(D) Jim’s picture

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