The Comet 1 MCQ Questions Class 8 English Chapter 9 with Answers

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Q1. Did he like the publicity he was receiving?

(A) Yes
(B) No
(C) Maybe
(D) Not mentioned in the story

Q2. Who was Duttada?

(A) A Scientist
(B) A Lecturer
(C) A teacher
(D) A Professor of Arts.

Q3. Who also orbit round the sun?

(A) Comets
(B) Planets
(C) Earth
(D) Moon

Q4. What was her husband utterly oblivious of?

(A) Practical problems of living
(B) Her advice
(C) Dibya
(D) All of these

Q5. Who decided to call a meeting of international experts?

(A) Dr. James
(B) Sir John Macpherson
(C) Manoj Dutta
(D) Taylor

Q6. Duttada’s secret ambition was to

(A) discover a new comet
(B) go to London
(C) be famous and wealthy
(D) Just look into the sky and watch it

Q7. Who was Johnson?

(A) Provost of King’s College
(B) Butler
(C) Security officer at Whitehall
(D) Defence Science Advisor, Her Majesty’s government

Q8. Who was professor at King’s College, Cambridge?

(A) Dr. James Forsyth
(B) Sir John Macpherson
(C) Manoj Dutta
(D) Taylor

Q9. Who would order Duttada to bed rest the next day according to Indrani Debi?

(A) Robin Babu
(B) Pratuk Babu
(C) Nabin Babu
(D) Bipin Babu

Q10. Whom did Duttada call ‘ Dibya Chakshu’?

(A) Dibya
(B) Indrani Debi
(C) Duttada, himself
(D) None of them

Q11. What was the name of Duttada’s wife?

(A) Indrani Mukherjee
(B) Indrani Debi
(C) Indrani
(D) Indran Devi.

Q12. What was Dibya according to Indrani Debi?

(A) Supernatural power
(B) God
(C) Designing woman
(D) None of these

Q13. Professional astronomers

(A) generally discover comets
(B) generally look at faint stars
(C) discover planets
(D) are not interested in discoveries

Q14. Who had James given the manuscript to?

(A) Nature
(C) Sir John
(D) Taylor

Q15. What was Duttada’s ambition in life?

(A) To have a decent house
(B) To discover a comet
(C) To have a lot of money
(D) All the above

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