The Great Stone Face 2 MCQ Questions Class 8 English Chapter 10 with Answers

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Q1. Was the poet true about Ernest being the prophecy?

(A) Yes
(B) No
(C) May be
(D) None of these

Q2. When he was reading, he lifted his eyes to :

(A) the hills
(B) to the Great Stone Face
(C) the mountain
(D) the sky

Q3. The fame had come to Ernest

(A) unsought for and undesired
(B) with his hard work
(C) because of his resemblance with the Great Stone Face
(D) because of his wealth

Q4. What does the poet compare Ernest’s life with?

(A) The Great Stone Face
(B) Poetry
(C) Himself
(D) Ernest’s mother

Q5. What had Ernest become beyond the limits of the valley?

(A) Famous
(B) Unimportant
(C) Cruel
(D) None of these

Q6. What did the people accept as true about Ernest?

(A) That he looked like Great Stone Face
(B) That he was very rich
(C) That he loved people
(D) None of these

Q7. Who was Ernest?

A native of the valley
(B) A poet
(C) A General
(D) A businessman

Q8. The poet, as he listened, felt that the life and character of — were a nobler strain of poetry than he had ever written’.

(A) Ernest
(B) Great stone face
(C) Himself
(D) None of these

Q9. What was Ernest to the various people who came to meet Ernest?

(A) Teacher
(B) Doctor
(C) Counsellor
(D) Tourist Guide

Q10. The story is written by

(A) Nathaniel Hawthorne
(B) John Keats
(C) Ruskin Bond
(D) Zulfikar Ghose

Q11. What had God granted Ernest to this earth while he had been growing old?

(A) Teacher
(B) Merchant
(C) Poet
(D) Priest

Q12. When the poet went to meet Ernest, what was he doing?

(A) Taking tea
(B) Praying to God
(C) Writing something
(D) Reading a book

Q13. Why did the people want to talk to them?

(A) He was rich
(B) He helped the poor
(C) He attended all
(D) He received all with gentle sincerity

Q14. Whom were the reasons the poet denied to be the face of the Great Stone Face?

(A) His friend
(B) Neighbour
(C) Poet
(D) He, himself

Q15. As he read he lifted his eyes to the ——‘

(A) Mountain
(B) Sky
(C) Stars
(D) Moon

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All questions answers


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