The Invention of Vita Wonk MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Chapter 7 with Answers

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Q1. What lives longer than anything else?

(A) cattaloo
(B) crumpets
(C) petrovitch gregorovitch
(D) trees

Q2. What did he swallow?

(A) Some food
(B) Some liquid
(C) Some tablets
(D) Vita-Wonk

Q3. Wonka-vite, that Mr. Willy wonk invented, makes people?

(A) Stronger
(B) Younger
(C) Disappear
(D) All Of the Above

Q4. As the answer of his question who suggested the name of ‘tree’?

(A) Charlie
(B) Wonka
(C) Wilson
(D) All Of the Above

Q5. What is the new recipe he is searching for?

(A) Recipe for Wonka-Vita
(B) Recipe for Vita-Wonk
(C) Recipe for Chocolates
(D) none of these

Q6. Mr Wonka collects Items from the oldest things to make:

(A) a mixture
(B) a solution
(C) a drug
(D) an experiment

Q7. After applying the liquid the twenty-year-old oompa loompa volunteer had suddenly become?

(A) Very younger
(B) An old fellow of seventy-five
(C) 70 years old fellow
(D) All Of the Above

Q8. What age did he turn to?

(A) Eighty years
(B) Thirty years
(C) Seventy five
(D) Forty years

Q9. What was his age earlier?

(A) Forty years
(B) Twenty years
(C) Three years
(D) Fifty years

Q10. Today Bristlecone pines are over?

(A) 4000 years old
(B) 200 years old
(C) 1000 years old
(D) All Of the Above

Q11. Mr. Wonka, for testing the liquid use?

(A) Two drops
(B) Four drops
(C) Only one drop of it.
(D) All Of the Above

Q12. Mr Wonka took from Bristlecone pine.

(A) a pint of salt
(B) a pint of sap
(C) a pinch of sap
(D) a pinch of salt

Q13. The uniqueness of the Great Glass Elevator is that Mr. Wonk can __

(A) travel the world
(B) see through
(C) Protects from animals
(D) disappear

Q14. Who was Mr. Wonka?

(A) A professor
(B) A librarian
(C) A scientist
(D) A teacher

Q15. What idea came into Wonka’s mind?

(A) What is the oldest living thing?
(B) What is more lovely?
(C) What thing is the youngest living thing?
(D) None of these

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