The Open Window MCQ Questions Class 8 English Chapter 7 with Answers

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Q1. How many years ago did his sister stay in the country?

(A) Seven
(B) Four
(C) Five
(D) Six

Q2. Which disease did the author suffer from?

(A) Water phobia
(B) Bad nerves
(C) Tuberculosis
(D) Cholera

Q3. Name the youngest brother of Mrs. Sappleton

(A) Bertie
(B) Frampon
(C) Daniel
(D) Ronnie

Q4. How old was the niece of Mrs Sappleton?

(A) Fifteen
(B) Eleven
(C) Fourteen
(D) Sixteen

Q5. How has the niece been described?

(A) Not confident
(B) Self-possessed
(C) Cheerful
(D) Anxious

Q6. There had been ‘sufficient silent communion’ between Framton and

(A) Sappleton
(B) Mrs. Sappleton
(C) Ronnie
(D) Vera

Q7. What was kept open every evening till it is quite dusk?

(A) Door
(B) Cupboard
(C) Window
(D) None of these

Q8. What were the men carrying in their hands?

(A) Guns
(B) Pistols
(C) Googles
(D) Towels

Q9. Did they appear to Mrs Sappleton as they were muddy up to the eyes?

(A) Yes
(B) No
(C) Maybe
(D) Not mentioned in the story

Q10. What did Mr. Nuttel’s sister give him?

(A) Letters of her neighbours
(B) List of good doctors
(C) A telegram
(D) Letters of introduction

Q11. Who went off for a day’s shooting?

(A) Mrs. Sappleton’s husband
(B) Mrs. Sappleton’s two young brothers
(C) Spaniel
(D) All of them

Q12. Framton was horrified by what Mrs. Sappleton said because

(A) she was telling a horrible story
(B) of the impact on his mind of Vera’s lie
(C) he thought that she was a ghost
(D) he had a sudden pain

Q13. Whose specialty is inventing thrilling stories?

(A) Sappleton
(B) Vera
(C) Frampton
(D) Ronnie

Q14. What is the name of Mr. Sappleton’s niece?

(A) Veena
(B) Veerangana
(C) Vera
(D) Vegmati

Q15. Who was Framton about to have a collision with?

(A) Mrs Supleton
(B) Mrs Suppleton’s husband
(C) Cyclist
(D) Sapien

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All questions answers

13 (B)
14 (C)

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