The Quarrel Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Poem 3

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Q1. Who hated one another?

(A) The poetess and her mother
(B) The poetess and her sister
(C) The poetess and her brother

Q2. Both the siblings felt that the other was ,

(A) right
(B) wrong
(C) honest
(D) dishonest

Q3. Who knew that he was wrong –

(A) Brother
(B) Sister
(C) The poetess

Q4. It seems that the poet and her brother, quarrelled on

(A) a petty matter
(B) some very important matter
(C) money matter
(D) property

Q5. Who said that he was right –

(A) The poetess
(B) Brother
(C) Sister

Q6. The siblings quarrelled:

(A) for a patty
(B) over a petty point
(C) not to fight again
(D) for a piece of cake

Q7. Who quarrelled with her brother?

(A) The poet
(B) The poetess
(C) The sister

Q8. ‘Fell out’ means:

(A) fell down
(B) quarrelled
(C) got-out
(D) patched up

Q9. Tick the correct word –

(A) Quarrel
(B) Querel
(C) Quarral

Q10. The exchange of hot words led to:

(A) diseases
(B) hatred
(C) explosion
(D) a quarrel

Q11. The author of the above poem is

(A) L.M. Halli
(B) Harry Behn
(C) Eleanor Faijeon
(D) Y-Yeh Shuru

Q12. With whom did the poetess quarrel?

(A) Mother
(B) Brother
(C) Sister

Q13. One thing led to another harm, means:

(A) one thing started harming
(B) one thing caused another harmful activity
(C) it began the chain of evil activities
(D) it led to greater blunders

Q14. How was the end of the quarrel –

(A) Strong
(B) Slight
(C) Harmful

Q15. The quarrel ended because:

(A) one of the two was wise
(B) one did not realized the folly
(C) one did not feel sorry
(D) one of them accepted the mistake

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