The Rebel MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Chapter 2 with Answers

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Q1. To be a rebel oneself –

(A) Is not good
(B) Is not very bad
(C) Is not wicked
(D) None of those

Q2. Who is a rebel?

(A) Who opposes everything
(B) Who helps everyone
(C) Who likes everybody
(D) Who enjoys everything

Q3. What must be the opinion of a rebel,

(A) teaching the society to be dutiful
(B) obeying the rules
(C) bringing disharmony
(D) bringing about the change

Q4. A rebel is generally:

(A) admired
(B) liked
(C) praised
(D) disliked

Q5. A rebel is a person who.

(A) loves all
(B) opposes everything
(C) helps all
(D) hates all

Q6. When everybody talks during the lesson –

(A) Rebel also talks
(B) He doesn’t say a word
(C) Doesn’t like the disturbance
(D) None of those

Q7. When everybody says yes, please, the rebel says-

(A) No, thank you
(B) Welcome
(C) Yes, please
(D) None of those

Q8. When everyone likes dogs, the rebel likes:

(A) cow
(B) buffalo
(C) kitten
(D) cats

Q9. A rebel’s dress sense is to what others think about it:

(A) similar
(B) proportionate
(C) opposite
(D) trendy

Q10. When the trend is of long hair he:

(A) loves to keep it so
(B) hates to keep it so
(C) goes for short hair
(D) both (A) and (B)

Q11. Name the poet of this poem

(A) Shirley Bauer
(B) D.J. Enright
(C) Murial L. Sonne
(D) W.E. Griffis

Q12. While everybody is praising the sun, the rebel –

(A) Regrets the absence of sun
(B) Remarks on the need for rain
(C) Comments on the need for air
(D) None of those

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