The School Boy MCQ Questions Class 8 English Poems Chapter 5 with Answers

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Q1. Name the poet of the poem ‘The School Boy’

(A) P.B Shelley
(B) William Blake
(C) William Wordsworth
(D) John Milton.

Q2. Where does the child spend his anxious hour?

(A) In the classroom
(B) In playground
(C) In the garden
(D) In the market

Q3. He cannot take delight in his books because

(A) he is attracted towards nature
(B) he is dull
(C) he doesn’t like to study
(D) the books are uninteresting.

Q4. When did the boy love to rise?

(A) Winter morning
(B) Summer evening
(C) Summer morning
(D) All of these

Q5. Of their joy in the springing day,’- who is ‘their’ referred here?

(A) Birds
(B) Students
(C) Plants
(D) All of these

Q6. What drives all the joy away?

(A) Caged bird
(B) Nip in the bud
(C) Blown blossoms
(D) School on a summer morning

Q7. Who sings with the child in summer morning?

(A) Thrust
(B) Pigeon
(C) Cuckoo
(D) Skylark

Q8. How is the mood of the child?

(A) Unhappy
(B) Joyous
(C) Happy
(D) Crying

Q9. The summer morning is full of

(A) birds
(B) hunters
(C) music
(D) skylarks

Q10. What did the skylark do with the boy?

(A) Dance
(B) Sing
(C) Entertain
(D) All of these

Q11. Who did the boy compare himself too?

(A) Birds
(B) Adults
(C) Caged birds
(D) None of these

Q12. Who does he compare himself to when he says “How can a child when fears annoy, But droop his tender wing, And forget his youthful spring.”?

(A) Book
(B) Flower
(C) Nip in the bud
(D) Caged bird

Q13. Who is ‘I’ here?

(A) A bird
(B) A tree
(C) A small child
(D) None of these

Q14. Whom does the child compares himself to?

(A) Buds
(B) Evils
(C) Joys
(D) Flowers

Q15. Who sings along with the school boy?

(A) His parents
(B) Huntsman
(C) Skylark
(D) His friends

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All questions answers


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