The Selfish Giant MCQ Questions Class 8 English Chapter 3 with Answers

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Q1. Who was singing outside his window?

(A) Parrot
(B) Canary
(C) Linnet
(D) Hornbill

Q2. Who built a wall around the garden?

(A) A contractor
(B) A landlord
(C) A giant
(D) Some army men

Q3. How did the children enter the garden?

(A) Through the gate
(B) Through a tunnel
(C) Through a hole
(D) Through a ladder.

Q4. In which season the garden bore rich fruit?

(A) Summer
(B) Winter
(C) Spring
(D) Autumn

Q5. What did the Snow do?

(A) Covered the grass with white cloak
(B) Painted the trees silver
(C) Roared all day about the garden
(D) Rattle on the roof of the castle

Q6. The Nature was unhappy with the giant because

(A) he would not allow the children
(B) he would not water the plants properly to play
(C) he was very cruel
(D) he loved cold and frost

Q7. Whom did the snow and the frost invite to stay?

(A) Rain
(B) North wind
(C) Fog
(D) All of them

Q8. The giant’s garden was:

(A) very big
(B) small
(C) beautiful
(D) far away from the school

Q9. Who stood under the tree in one corner of the garden?

(A) A giant’s son
(B) A little boy
(C) A huge monkey
(D) A little bud

Q10. What was the name of his friend?

(A) Cornish Ogre
(B) Cornwall Ogre
(C) Turkish Ogre
(D) None of these

Q11. Which colour was the hail dressed in?

(A) White
(B) Grey
(C) Silver
(D) Black

Q12. The sweet music which the giant heard was of

(A) king’s musicians
(B) a piano
(C) a wind instrument
(D) a little linnet

Q13. The spring arrived all over the country, what was the reason in the giant’s garden?

(A) Autumn
(B) Winter
(C) Monsoon
(D) Summer

Q14. How did the giant knock the wall down?

(A) With his fist
(B) With his axe
(C) With his mighty stick
(D) None of the above

Q15. The little boy could not climb the tree because he

(A) was afraid
(B) was too small
(C) was lame
(D) found that the tree was too high

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All questions answers


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