The Shed MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Chapter 3 with Answers

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Q1. The ghost hides under the –

(A) Banyan tree
(B) Rotten floorboards
(C) Large bed
(D) All of those

Q2. What does his brother tell him?

(A) That there is a ghost in the shed
(B) There is a snake in the shed
(C) There is a man in the shed
(D) None of these

Q3. What feeling of the poet is exhibited in his peeping through the window?

(A) the poet is emotional
(B) the poet is careless
(C) the poet has a lot of time
(D) the poet is curious

Q4. The child wishes to open the shed. What trait is highlighted here ?

(A) open mind
(B) curiosity
(C) free mind
(D) mystery

Q5. What does the poet know?

(A) That there is no snake
(B) That there is no ghost
(C) That there lives no man
(D) That there is no web

Q6. A spider’s web was hanging –

(A) Across the door
(B) Across the window
(C) Across the ceiling
(D) All of those

Q7. The panes of glass of that window are-

(A) Cracked
(B) Cleaned
(C) Cleared
(D) All of those

Q8. But I will take a peek one day.’ What quality does the poet wish to highlight?

(A) He is brave
(B) He is doubtful
(C) He is fearful
(D) He is rough

Q9. The author’s brother wants him not to:

(A) play in the garden
(B) fear the ghost
(C) touch the web
(D) enter the shed

Q10. The warning of the brother is:

(A) he will be chased by the dragon
(B) he will get hurt
(C) he will soon die
(D) the ghost will kill him

Q11. Where is the shed located?

(A) In the basement
(B) In the garden
(C) On the attic
(D) On the roof

Q12. The hinges of the shed are –

(A) Adorned
(B) Rusty
(C) Rich
(D) All of those

Q13. In the shed there is a window which is –

(A) Very cleaned
(B) Dusty
(C) Washed
(D) All of those

Q14. Name the poem from which these lines have been taken

(A) The Shed
(B) Garden snake
(C) Trees
(D) The Rebel

Q15. The speaker of the poem is:

(A) a child
(B) a lady
(C) an old man
(D) an adult

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