The Squirrel MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Chapter 1 with Answers

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Q1. If humans ran around, the squirrel

(A) would soon hide Itself
(B) would sit at one place
(C) wouldn’t be frightened
(D) would chase the humans

Q2. What is the color of a squirrel’s skin?

(A) Black
(B) White
(C) Grey
(D) Yellow

Q3. Who wore a question mark for the tail?

(A) Squirrel
(B) Cat
(C) Tiger
(D) Monkey

Q4. What mark does it wore

(A) question
(B) smile
(C) answer
(D) angry

Q5. Who wore a question mark for the tail?

(A) Squirrel
(B) Cat
(C) Tiger
(D) Monkey

Q6. He was eating a –

(A) Fruit,
(B) Fish
(C) Nut
(D) All of Above

Q7. The squirrel liked to these –

(A) His friends
(B) Us
(C) Other animal
(D) All of Above

Q8. Who is teasing whom in the poem?

(A) Squirrel is teasing children
(B) Children are teasing squirrel
(C) Poet is teasing squirrel
(D) Children are teasing the poet

Q9. What would the squirrel like to eat?

(A) An orange
(B) An apple
(C) A nut
(D) A plant

Q10. When the squirrel raises the tail

(A) its tip keeps pointing down
(B) It Is never perpendicular
(C) It sends a caution to others
(D) It looks strange

Q11. He liked to

(A) Eat
(B) Jump
(C) Play and tease
(D) All of Above

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