The Wonder Called Sleep Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 7

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Q1. When human body’s blood pressure go down?

(A) At sleeping
(B) Working
(C) Dancing

Q2. Sleep is called a wonder as

(A) we know its secrets
(B) it is a common experience
(C) It cannot overpower our conscious state
(D) it overpowers us

Q3. What several things happen to our body while we sleep?

(A) muscles relax
(B) blood pressure goes down
(C) heart beat becomes slower
(D) all of these

Q4. While we are sleeping how many things happen?

(A) Several
(B) One
(C) Three

Q5. When we sleep

(A) the muscles work
(B) the heart beat stops
(C) blood pressure stops
(D) the brain rests

Q6. A lullaby is sung

(A) for the little ones to wake up
(B) for the little ones to go to sleep
(C) when the little ones are crying
(D) to make the little ones laugh

Q7. What is sleep?

(A) An unconscious rest
(B) Without any rest
(C) A conscious rest

Q8. What happens when we wake up?

(а) our temperature becomes normal
(B) breathing and heartbeat become normal
(C) blood pressure rises to normal
(D) all of these

Q9. We sleep so that

(A) we lead disciplined lives
(B) the law of nature rules
(C) the body and brain may rest
(D) we gain weight

Q10. When our body recovers from fatigue?

(A) During sleep
(B) During working
(C) During walking

Q11. When does our body recover from fatigue?

(A) after a good sleep
(B) after some work
(C) after a game of hockey
(D) none of these

Q12. When we are sleeping what happen then?

(A) Our muscles relax more
(B) Our heartbeat becomes slower
(C) Our temperature and blood pressure go down
(D) All of these

Q13. During sleep, we take rest that is

(A) unconscious
(B) conscious
(C) needed
(D) not needed

Q14. Why has sleep been called a wonder?

(A) we recover from tiredness
(B) we become free from doing any work
(C) we can rest properly
(D) we recover from illness

Q15. When we become alert and active again?

(A) After a good sleep
(B) After a good walking
(C) After working

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