The Wonderful Words Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Poem 6

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Q1. To ‘loveliest things’ are

(A) money
(B) fame
(C) beauty
(D) great ideas

Q2. The words can free a thought which is

(A) In a prison
(B) In the mind
(C) In the eyes
(D) nowhere

Q3. If the words are the body, the thought is its

(A) dress
(B) food
(C) soul
(D) swing

Q4. The poem is about

(A) a groom
(B) a girl
(C) words
(D) beauty

Q5. The adverb form of wonderful’ is

(A) wonder
(B) wonderfully
(C) wondered
(D) wondering

Q6. The words we speak

(A) are beautiful words
(B) bring out our thoughts
(C) should be high sounding
(D) should heal

Q7. The passage is taken from

(A) The Wonderful Words
(B) Beauty
(C) A House. A Home
(D) The Kite

Q8. The thoughts die when

(A) they are bad
(B) they are good
(C) they are beautiful
(D) they are not expressed

Q9. English is

(A) a wonderful game of matching thoughts
(B) a foreigner
(C) the dress of soul
(D) a good language

Q10. The poet feels that English has enough words

(A) to express every idea
(B) for us to learn
(C) to confuse us
(D) to write any book

Q11. The real beauty is in

(A) new and beautiful ideas
(B) beautiful words
(C) beautiful expression
(D) surprising words

Q12. According to the poet, everyone wants to hear

(A) good music
(B) in the mind
(C) in the eyes
(D) new and noble thoughts

Q13. The word ‘longing’ is a

(A) gerund
(B) verb
(C) noun
(D) adjective

Q14. The noun form of ‘fed’ is

(A) feed
(B) feeding
(C) food
(D) feeling

Q15. English is a game which is

(A) like cricket
(B) like playing cards
(C) for all persons
(D) for those who love to express themselves

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