Trees MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Chapter 5 with Answers

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Q1. Mostly tea parties are held under –

(A) A tree
(B) Umbrella
(C) Buildings
(D) None of those

Q2. Why are trees for birds?

(A) Because birds get water from trees
(B) Because birds make nests there
(C) Because birds get wood
(D) None of the above

Q3. If trees are useful, they should be:

(A) chopped down
(B) decorated
(C) preserved
(D) worshiped

Q4. The tree that gives us no shade can also:

(A) be a help in winters
(B) be chopped and used
(C) serve other purposes
(D) both (A) and (B)

Q5. When tree are chopped down, it is called –

(A) Arbour
(B) Timber
(C) Creeper
(D) None of those

Q6. We can swings on –

(A) Leaves
(B) Branches
(C) Roots
(D) None of those

Q7. A tree-house is:

(A) a house made of trees
(B) a shelter in a tree for children to play
(C) a shelter In a tree for birds to play
(D) both (A) and (B)

Q8. Which games do the children play under trees?

(A) Tennis
(B) They swing swings
(C) Cricket
(D) Hockey

Q9. In winter trees make no shade because-

(A) Tree is unable to do anything in winter
(B) In winter trees shed their leaves
(C) Trees only make shade in summer
(D) None of those

Q10. How are trees useful for birds?

(A) to sit on
(B) to build nests on
(C) to hatch eggs
(D) all of these

Q11. Who play ‘Hide and Seek’ behind the trees?

(A) birds
(B) children
(C) passersby
(D) all of these

Q12. Trees make father says-

(A) What a lot of leaves to rake this fall
(B) What a good shelter for human beings.
(C) What a lovely thing to paint
(D) None of those

Q13. Name the poet of the poem.

(A) Shirley Bauer
(B) Maude Rubin
(C) M.B. Armstrong
(D) Michael Rosen

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