Two Stories about Flying MCQ Questions for Class 10 English Prose Chapter 3 with Answers

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MCQ Questions for Class 10 English with Answers First Flight Prose


Q1. What were his parents teaching his brothers and sisters?

(A) to perfect the art of flying
(B) to skim the waves
(C) to dive for fish
(D) all of the above

Q2. When the pilot of the black aeroplane asked the narrator to follow him, in which direction did he turn the aeroplane?

(A) south
(B) north
(C) east
(D) west

Q3. The lesson “His First Flight” is about a

(A) pilot
(B) seagull
(C) parrot
(D) pigeon

Q4. The word ‘twisted’ means:

(A) fell
(B) dropped
(C) turned
(D) stopped

Q5. When he looked down, he saw:

(A) the lights over buildings
(B) the lights on a tower
(C) the lights in the houses
(D) the lights of a big city

Q6. Which of the pilot’s intruments stopped working first?

(A) compass
(B) radio
(C) both stopped together
(D) both were working

Q7. Who is the author of “Black Aeroplane”?

(A) Liam O’ Flaherty
(B) Frederick Forsyth
(C) Roal Dahl
(D) Paulo Coehlo

Q8. What did his parents threaten him with if he didn’t flew away?

(A) to never talk to him
(B) to punish him
(C) to starve him
(D) to abandon him

Q9. Why was the aeroplane twisting in the air?

(A) As it was dark night
(B) As it was a stormy night
(C) Due to lightining
(D) None of the Above

Q10. What was the name of the aeroplane that the pilot was flying?

(A) Airbus
(B) Boeing
(C) Dakota
(D) Minesotta

Q11. He wanted to thank the other pilot for:

(A) his tea
(B) his help
(C) his notice
(D) his plans

Q12. The pilot could not make a contact with:

(A) his colleagues
(B) Paris control
(C) his commander
(D) his boss

Q13. Why could the writer not see anything outside the aeroplane?

(A) Because of lightning
(B) Because it was dark outside
(C) Because there was bird
(D) None of the Above

Q14. Why didn’t the pilot turn the aeroplane back towards Paris?

(A) He wanted to meet his family
(B) He wanted to go on a holiday
(C) He did not want to miss the breakfast
(D) He did not like Paris

Q15. Who fell outwards and downward into space?

(A) Young Seagull
(B) Mother Seagull
(C) Father Seagull
(D) Brother Seagull

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MCQ Questions for Class 10 English with Answers First Flight Prose

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