Vocation Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Poem 7

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Q1. Who send the little child to bed?

(A) The mother
(B) The father
(C) The brother

Q2. When it gets dark?

(A) In the morning
(B) In the night
(C) In the evening

Q3. The child wishes to become a gardener to do –

(A) Digging the ground
(B) Selling Bangles
(C) Both A and B

Q4. Who is the speaker in this poem?

(A) The poet
(B) The hawker
(C) The gardener

Q5. The child /poet love the gardener’s –

(A) Digging
(B) Dress
(C) Freedom

Q6. A child wishes to

(A) take breakfast at noon
(B) be a watchman
(C) wash his dress
(D) get up early in the morning

Q7. When no one checks him he will

(A) not get baked in the sun
(B) not spoil his clothes
(C) walk the street all night
(D) not indulge In gossip

Q8. The child wishes to become

(A) a doctor
(B) an engineer
(C) a hawker
(D) a teacher

Q9. The word giant’ is a

(A) noun
(B) gerund
(C) verb
(D) adjective

Q10. The hawker leads a

(A) pious life
(B) carefree life
(C) miserable life
(D) peaceful life

Q11. The child sees the gardener through –

(A) The gate
(B) The window
(C) The door

Q12. The gardener soil his clothes with –

(A) Dust
(B) Rust
(C) Clay

Q13. The child wishes to become –

(A) A engineer
(B) A gardener
(C) A watchman

Q14. The hawker spends a _.

(A) Peaceful life
(B) Carefree life
(C) Miserable life

Q15. Who was digging the ground?

(A) The watchman
(B) The gardener
(C) The hawker

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