Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate MCQ Questions for Class 7 Science Chapter 7 with Answers

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Q1. Which of the following statement is incorrect for penguins?

(A) They huddle together
(B) They cannot swim
(C) They have webbed feet
(D) They have streamlined body

Q2. The source of weather in first place is:

(A) due to sun
(B) due to moon
(C) due to rain
(D) all of these

Q3. Water vapours present in the atmosphere is called

(A) humidity
(B) precipitation
(C) climate
(D) rain fall

Q4. Which body part of an elephant are modified form of teeth.

(A) Legs
(B) Trunk
(C) Tusks
(D) Large ears

(A) 12 hours
(B) 72 hours
(C) 24 hours
(D) 48 hours

Q6. Which among the following is a physical change?

(A) Cutting a log of wood in small pieces
(B) Burning of wood
(C) Ripening of fruit
(D) Cooking of food

Q7. The tropieal rain-forest has a large population of animals because of continuous:

(A) cold and rain
(B) hot and dry
(C) warmth and rain
(D) all of these

Q8. The hump of the camel is a reservoir of

(A) fatty tissue
(B) water
(C) milk
(D) all of the above

Q9. Penguins are adapted to live in

(A) desert climate
(B) equatorial region
(C) polar region
(D) rainforests.

Q10. Maximum temperature of the day occurs generally

(A) in the afternoon
(B) when the sun rises
(C) when the sun sets
(D) in the evening

Q11. Birds migrate to warmer regions because they cannot live in:

(A) wet region
(B) dry region
(C) cold region
(D) hot region

Q12. The average weather taken over a long time is called:

(A) temperature
(B) climate of place
(C) weather
(D) all of these

Q13. Paheli’s mother made a concentrated sugar syrup by dissolving sugar in hot water. On cooling, crystals of sugar got separated. This indicates a:

(A) physical change that can be reversed
(B) chemical change that can be reversed
(C) physical change that cannot be reversed
(D) chemical change that cannot be reversed

Q14. Which of the following organism is the slowest mover?

(A) Rabbit
(B) Snake
(C) Monkey
(D) Snail

Q15. Galvanisation is a process used to prevent the rusting of which of the following?

(A) Iron
(B) Zinc
(C) Aluminium
(D) Copper

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