What Happened to the Reptiles Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 9

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Q1. What did happened in Prem’s village?

(A) The people went mad
(B) They started fighting with one another
(C) They had been burnt down temple or mosque
(D) All these above

Q2. The tortoises and the snakes were

(A) scared of the lizards
(B) tired of living in the jungle
(C) troubled by other animals
(D) forcibly sent out of the jungle

Q3. “Would you ever carry a tree on your back?” Who are ‘ you’?

(A) snakes
(B) lizards
(C) tortoises
(D) crocodiles

Q4. Where did the Prem lived?

(A) In the Pambupatti village
(B) Many miles away from Pambupatti
(C) Many hundred miles away from Pambupatti

Q5. The lizards on their back

(A) could carry trees
(B) could not carry trees
(C) could carry eggs
(D) none of the above

Q6. Prem reached Pambupatti which was

(A) a deserted village
(B) a village of forests
(C) a peaceful village
(D) a wild village

Q7. Choose the right name of peaceful village?

(A) Pambupati
(B) Pambupatti
(C) pambupat

Q8. Who used to live in forests of Pambupatti?

(A) cats
(B) dogs
(C) reptiles
(D) tigers

Q9. People in Pambupatti village believed

(A) in simple living
(B) in fighting in the name of religion
(C) in fighting in the name of
(D) in leading a peaceful living language

Q10. Pambupatti is a _ village

(A) Calm
(B) Noisy
(C) Peaceful

Q11. Who is said to carry their houses on their back?

(A) snakes
(B) lizards
(C) tortoises
(D) crocodiles

Q12. What is the name of the narrator of the story?

(A) Prem
(B) Pratim
(C) Pranab

Q13. Makara was rated as important as:

(A) he was the president
(B) he was the biggest
(C) he was the wisest
(D) he was strong and powerful

Q14. “How dare they!” Who were ‘they’?

(A) snakes
(B) crocodiles
(C) lizards
(D) none of these

Q15. What kind of people lived in this village?

(A) Dark
(B) Tall
(C) Fair
(D) Short
(E) All these above

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