Where Do All the Teachers Go? Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Poem 5

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Q1. The phrase pick nos& means to

(A) touch the nose
(B) blow the nose
(C) pull mucus from the nose
(D) scratch the nose

Q2. The speaker feels teachers have no time for

(A) studies
(B) teaching
(C) learning
(D) teachers

Q3. The passage shows that the students are much Impressed by their

(A) parents
(B) soldiers
(C) policemen
(D) teachers

Q4. The speaker thinks that the teachers are always

(A) in pyjamas
(B) dressed like a teacher
(C) in party-wears
(D) shabbily dressed

Q5. The speaker finds It difficult to believe that the teachers are

(A) great people
(B) ordinary people
(C) very learned
(D) rich

Q6. The child poet wonders

(A) why the teachers do not have dress code
(B) if teachers live in ordinary houses
(C) If he could be a teacher
(D) if the teachers ever sleep

Q7. The name of the poet is

(A) Peter Dixon
(B) L.M. Haul
(C) Harry Behn
(B) Y-Yeh-Shure

Q8. The poet refuses to believe

(A) that teachers go home after work
(B) that teachers are no superstars
(C) that they do not do domestic work
(D) that they watch movies

Q9. The poem is about what a child wants to know about

(A) his home
(B) his parents
(C) his teachers
(D) his school

Q10. For him, teachers are

(A) weak
(B) strong
(C) perfect
(D) no role-models

Q11. The speaker finds it hard to believe that his teachers are

(A) great men
(B) ordinary people
(C) learned
(D) educated

Q12. According to the speaker plucking nose’ is

(A) good
(B) bad
(C) serious
(D) ill-mannered

Q13. The things that normal people do are

(A) they do not live with their children
(B) they wear only formal dress
(C) they relax at home
(D) they get up early In the mornings

Q14. They’ In the passage refers to

(A) teachers
(B) students
(C) parents
(D) villagers

Q15. In stanza two, pick their noses means

(A) dig their noses
(B) use fingers to remove mucus from the nose
(C) touch their nose
(D) hit their nose

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