Who Did Patrick’s Homework? Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 1

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Q1. If the man did a good enough job-

(A) Patrick could get a big prize
(B) Patrick could get a A’s
(C) Patrick could get a B’s

Q2. The phrasal verb ‘staying up nights’ means:

(A) he stayed at night
(B) remained awake at night
(C) living up nights
(D) night-stay

Q3. What was Patrick’s attitude to his studies?

(A) Learnt a lot
(B) No interest
(C) Worked hard
(D) Felt good

Q4. What was Patrick’s wish?

(A) The elf must do Patrick’s all homework till the end of the semester.
(B) The elf must play with him
(C) The elf must play with the little cat

Q5. The elf was helpless and needed:

(A) rest
(B) educational help
(C) practice before working
(D) money

Q6. Patrick always said homework-

(A) Too encouraging
(B) Too boring
(C) Too entertaining.

Q7. Patrick never did his homework because:

(A) he loved to watch T.V.
(B) he enjoyed parties
(C) he hated homework
(D) he was lazy

Q8. What was the cat playing with?

(A) with a doll
(B) with Patrick
(C) with a ball
(D) with a little doll

Q9. Who hated homework-?

(A) Elf
(B) The teacher
(C) Patrick

Q10. Ignoramus is a person who:

(A) is popular
(B) lacks education
(C) knows literature
(D) is arrogant

Q11. Which word in the passage mean ‘shouted’?

(A) yelled
(B) britches
(C) grabbed
(D) grant

Q12. Who will grant Patrick’s wish-

(A) The little Elf
(B) The little doll
(C) The little cat.

Q13. The elf granted a wish:

(A) to show its power
(B) to keep his promise
(C) In return for his protection
(D) to make him rich against the cat

Q14. What did Patrick ask the elf to do?

(A) To play with him
(B) To do his homework
(C) To go with him
(D) None of these

Q15. ‘Little man’s face wrinkled like a dish-cloth’ shows his emotions:

(A) of anger
(B) of fear
(C) of love
(D) of hatred

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