Winds, Storms and Cyclones MCQ Questions for Class 7 Science Chapter 8 with Answers

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Q1. Sudden occurrence of light due to friction of clouds is called

(A) Storm
(B) Flood
(C) Cyclone
(D) Lightening

Q2. Smoke is hotter and lighter than:

(A) water
(B) heat
(C) air
(D) none of these

Q3. Air exerts pressure in:

(A) sideways only
(B) downward direction only
(C) upward direction only
(D) all directions

Q4. Lightning is usually accompanied by

(A) Rain
(B) Earthquake
(C) Thunder
(D) Floods

Q5. A violent tornado can travel at a speed of about

(A) 300 km/h
(B) 100 km/h
(C) 50 km/h
(D) 150 km/h

Q6. Leaves of trees, banner or flags flutter when wind is blowing. Why?

(A) Air occupies space
(B) Air is a mixture of gases
(C) Air exerts pressure
(D) Air is colourless

Q7. Cyclone is followed by

(A) Darkness
(B) Brightness
(C) Flood
(D) Drought

Q8. Choose the correct alternative

(A) High speed winds are accompanied by increased air pressure
(B) In summers, wind flow from land to oceans
(C) In summers, wind flow from oceans to land
(D) None of these

Q9. An alternative name of natural disaster is:

(A) natural calamity
(B) storm
(C) cyclone
(D) tornado

Q10. Cyclone warning is issued

(A) 20 hrs in advance
(B) 12 hrs in advance
(C) 24 hrs in advance
(D) none of these

Q11. Which one of the following place is unlikely to be affected by a cyclone.

(A) Chennai
(B) Mangalore
(C) Amritsar
(D) Puri

Q12. The heated air that rises up gets cooled and sinks which cause the:

(A) conduction currents
(B) radiation
(C) convection currents
(D) none of these

Q13. The winds from oceans carry water and bring rain. These winds are called

(A) typhoon
(B) monsoon
(C) cyclone
(D) none of these

Q14. For escape of hot air room has

(A) Ventilators
(B) Windows
(C) High walls
(D) Doors

Q15. Hurricane is the name of cyclone in

(A) American continent
(B) Japan
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of these

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